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Partnering Process

Hiring through Damascus benefits both your company and the entire region: more people in jobs = restored families, stronger communities and faster economic growth. We work closely with your organization to understand your goals, your culture and your workforce challenges. We understand that you have a business to run, a profit margin to maintain, and a bottom line to meet.

Damascus seeks full-time, permanent positions for its employees, and we walk with them every step of the way. We are patient, fair, and hold both workers and employers accountable to the deals they strike. We keep open lines of communication between the employer and our employees, as our client representatives work as the liaison between the two should any hurdles arise.

We prefer to hire in teams and provide incentives to individuals when their teams do well.

Meet With partner
Together we determine the work opportunity details and tour the facility. We thoroughly discuss the job specifics for candidates, along with the expectations each partner has for success.
Make Decision Together
Candidates who match the work opportunity are determined with the Damascus community partners. These candidates have already been exposed to the Damascus training through group sessions, individual training and the interview process.
Prepare For Work
Final candidates are prepared to begin at the employment site. On the first day of employment, the Damascus client rep accompanies the new workers to the site to introduce them to their supervisor and ensure the first day goes smoothly.
Continued Support
Damascus continues to provide support to employers and employees, transportation assistance, and various other forms of backing to all parties involved with the employment placement until employees are hired on full time.

What people are saying

“The most effective reentry models have shown that programs that begin while men are incarcerated, continue through the transition to the community, and continue to be present and provide support once released are most effective. The Damascus model does just that. And, the Damascus model goes one step further. It provides social support and a sense of community for the men both within the prison walls and on the outside. Therefore, without any reservation, I strongly support the model proposed by Damascus.”
Dr. Cheryl Lero Jonson, Professor, Criminal Justice, Xavier University


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