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About our Model

Our success at Damascus relies on the goal that all parties win: the employer, the employee, the family and the community.  We spend time with our team members to prepare them for the work environment and stay with them as they navigate the rest of life. It’s not your usual staffing solution. We like it that way. We believe you will, too.

About Damascus

As a reentry staffing solution, Damascus built a model of second-chance hiring in Ohio that combines both business and mission principles. Since 2015, thousands of men and women have returned to the workforce and satisfied the employment needs of dozens of Ohio employers. The formula is unique–just like every business with whom we partner.

Damascus is a non-profit staffing solution that works directly with men and women who face barriers to employment due to a history in the criminal justice system. As the experts in both under-resourced lives and in building profitable business models, Damascus connects people in our talent network with local companies — solving two problems at once.


Employees have re-entered the workforce through the Damascus Model

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What People Are Saying

The Damascus Model incorporates evidence-based practices for successful reentry and is supplemented by professional experience that is essential in achieving stated outcomes i.e. corrections, corporate, legal, faith-based and education.

Jack Cowley

National Director, Alpha USA Division of Prisons and Re-entry

Since partnering with Damascus, hundreds of our clients who may not have had permanent work opportunities due to their felony records have gained employment. It’s a win for the client, for Talbert House, and for society. Any expansion of the Damascus Model is a benefit to the men returning to society from prison and the larger community.

Josh Arnold

Vice President, Talbert House

Damascus goes above and beyond in recruiting qualified candidates. We have an employee from Damascus who’s dedicated and passionate and it shows in his performance. This is a win-win for employers today.

Tracy P.

Human Resources, Sam Dong Ohio, Inc.

The most effective reentry models have shown that programs that begin while men are incarcerated, continue through the transition to the community, and continue to be present and provide support once released are most effective. The Damascus model does just that. And, the Damascus model goes one step further. It provides social support and a sense of community for the men both within the prison walls and on the outside. Therefore, without any reservation, I strongly support the model proposed by Damascus.

Dr. Cheryl Lero Jonson

Professor, Criminal Justice, Xavier University

With a promise of permanent employment, and a hands on approach to staffing an employer, I can tell you that no other “Staffing Company” gives our clients this kind of service. The model is not just an idea, it is reality. Our site has blossomed into all job eligible clients working full time, and a waiting list to be hired next at Damascus.

Dale Miller

Clinical Corrections Provider, Talbert House

Damascus has set the standard for providing the wrap-around services to returning citizens that enable them to acquire–and retain–gainful employment. Damascus has assembled an impressive team of corrections professionals, legal professionals, faith leaders, corporate participants, researchers and others in order to test and replicate a reentry model around the country.

Dr. Marjorie Kelly Cowan

Campus Dean Emerita, Miami University Middletown


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