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About Damascus

Damascus is a non-profit, prison reentry and staffing organization headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our mission is to be the standard bearer in unconventional and sustainable solutions in incarceration, reentry, and the workforce in order to elevate individuals, communities, corporations, and the country.  

About our model

Our success at Damascus relies on the goal that all parties win: the employer, the employee, the family and the community. We spend time with our team members to prepare them for the work environment and stay with them as they navigate the rest of their lives. It’s not your usual staffing solution. We like it that way. We believe you will, too.

What people are saying

“Since partnering with Damascus, hundreds of our clients who may not have had permanent work opportunities due to their felony records have gained employment. It’s a win for the client, for Talbert House, and for society. Any expansion of the Damascus Model is a benefit to the men and women returning to society from prison and the larger community.”
Josh Arnold - Vice President, Talbert House

Cincinnati Headquarters

1832 Freeman Avenue

Cincinnati, OH 45214

Office hours: 9am – 5pm M-F

Please contact Damascus before stopping by.

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